Pondicherry, India


Empty bicycle rickshaw in street. Pondicherry, South India

Pondicherry is the beautiful, smallest, and the most charming island of India.

It is located off the coast of Kerala and is very popular among vacationers because of its beautiful natural scenery.

In fact, it is one of the most scenic places in the country because of the surrounding natural beauty that includes mountains, meadows, rivers, exotic beaches, and lush green plantations.

The French colonizers called Pondicherry “L’Hexagonie” or “Dingle of the Kings”. It was later given the name “Pondicherry” by the British.

Pondicherry became a Union territory after independence and is one of the twenty National Parks of India. Its French heritage is still preserved in its old colonial buildings, monasteries and even a grand old church. A seaside promenade runs along the bay and passes several monuments, including a four meter high Gandhi Memorial.


Sunbathing here is an absolute favorite. Though the beaches are long and stretch for miles, the cool and tranquil waters attract many beachgoers. The cool breeze makes the shorelines alluring and attractive for tourists and locals alike.

Water sports like boating, swimming, trekking, fishing, jet skiing, and other adventure activities are common in this region of India.

A unique experience is the night safari on the ship backwaters of Pondicherry, where visitors can observe the natural beauty of the flora and fauna and can see some wild animals too. 

Landmarks and Attractions

The town of Pondicherry itself has many beautiful landmarks that are worth visiting. It is one of the oldest cities in India and the famous Ashoka tower is one of the landmarks that attract tourists from all over the world.

There is also another temple called Lord Brahma Temple located nearby, which is a major attraction for those who visit the state of Pondicherry.

People who have an interest in temples and especially in Hinduism will enjoy themselves during their stay in Pondicherry as they have the opportunity to tour the Brahma temple and pray at the famous Rambagh Temple.

The other two most famous attractions here are the famous Lake Palace and the St. Thomas Cathedral.

You should also try visiting the popular Pileh Cove, which is known to have one of the best diving sights in Pondicherry.

Some of the other tourist spots here are the Padmanabhapuram beach, the Alleppey and Aluvallar temples, the Fort Museum, the Alappuzha Race Course, and many more.

Last Words

There are many more such places in Pondicherry, India. If you want to experience a unique India tour that will make you come home with great memories, this is the right place for you.

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