Go to Mount Yoshino, Japan to See the Cherry Blossoms


Cherry blossoms of Yoshinoyama (Mt.Yoshino is one of the most famous sightseeing spots for cherry blossoms in Japan.)
Author: Tawashi2006

Mount Yoshino Japan is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Japan. It is also a sacred place for the Japanese, because it overlooks Mount Fuji on the horizon. Mount Yoshino is actually a well protected dormant volcano, and has many beautiful gardens around it.

The cherry blossoms bloom in the spring here. Because of this, Mount Yoshino receives a great number of visitors this time of year because it is such a beautiful site and with the cherry blossoms in full bloom, it is like paradise on earth. 

When it comes to the beauty of nature, few can match the beauty of Japanese sakura cherry blossoms. The cherry trees in Japan bloom during two periods of the year. The first period is the onset of winter. This gives the tree’s ample time to grow and mature before the second season arrives. The second period is the onset of spring, when the cherry trees begin to bud again.

Many people are enthralled with the beauty of the flowers that come out of these cherry trees. As far as their history is concerned, it is a very long one. The legend goes that cherry trees began to bloom just after the death of the Buddha. As a result of this, he took his body to the top of the mountain where he could be viewed by all of his followers. This is why the cherry blossom has been a symbol for beauty and eternity throughout many cultures.

Japanese cherry blossoms come in a wide variety. There are literally hundreds of varieties that are grown in this country. They come in a very unusual shape as well. Some are very tall and thin, while others have extremely long petals. Their colors tend to range from creamy pink to a deep purple.

During the springtime, the Japanese cherry blossoms are at their most beautiful. It is during this time that they are at their most plentiful. They are usually in bloom from March to April. During this time, the flowers are extremely vibrant and appear to be more full of life than during any other season. Some people believe that the blooms were so beautiful because they represent eternal love, while others think that they symbolize springtime.

Mount Yoshino, sometimes referred to as the Mount Nagoya, is also known as the Dragon’s Crown and is located in the city of Yoshino in Yoshino district, Nara Prefecture, Japan. It is well known for its splendid cherry trees and attracts many travelers every year, especially when the trees have fully bloomed. The peak of the mountain is around 5500 meters and is considered one of the tallest mountains in all of Japan. When visiting this marvelous mountain, there are many things you can do and enjoy. Many tourists come to mount Yoshino and enjoy hiking on the many trails through beautiful scenery and forested cliffs.

One of the main attractions of the garden is the Peace Garden, which offers a peaceful location for people to gather and meditate. The garden is located near the Peace Garden and is open during most of the year except for the summer. The Peace Garden features a small pond where tourists can relax. The gardens feature plants that are not only beautiful but also healthy, and are free from insect infestations and disease. Many of these plants are native to the area and were brought by the Japanese before coming to the United States. Some of the plants native to Japan include bamboo, Japanese maple, hibiscus, Japanese Anemone, and Black Violets.

Other attractions in the area are Tetsubin Temple, and Mount Mino. The temple is located near the center of the garden and is dedicated to the Lord Buddha. Mount Mino, which is also called Jet Set, is Japan’s highest mountain and is sacred to the Buddhist faith. Other popular sites in the area include the Himachal Pradesh State Park and the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.…