Things to Do in Bermuda


Natural scenery of Tobacco Bay in St. George, Bermuda

Bermuda is a British territory at the north coast of the North Atlantic Ocean, situated on the southern tip of America. Its two huge, almost triangular, British military stations, Black River on the eastern side, and Queenstown on the western side, define its boundaries.

Bermuda is famous for its many pink-colored sandy beaches including Horseshoe Bay and Elbow Beach. Its large Royal Naval Dockyard Complex combines modern facilities with a historic history in the national museum of Bermuda. The island also has a unique blend of American and British culture, which is readily apparent in its capital, Hamilton.

The Bermuda Archipelago, an island cluster of three tiny islands, is located within the Grand Cayman chain off the east coast of Venezuela. These islands, referred to collectively as “the Bermuda Isles”, have a unique, colonial, French Canadian, and English history combined with beautiful beaches, bays, and white sand beaches.

As a result of their location, these Bermuda archipelagos are popular cruise destinations. Two of the most popular islands, Bermuda and St. George, have pink sand beaches.

Many tourists visit Bermuda during the summer months, because the weather is very pleasant there. But even during the winter, when temperatures are freezing, tourists find the Bermuda Islands a welcoming place to spend time.

The villages are alive with activity, especially at night, when local street vendors sell everything from ice cream to flowers to seafood to locally-made clothing items. Because Bermuda’s climate is very mild, many vacationers visit in spring, when temperatures are warm and the island’s many lakes and rivers are a perfect place to kayak.


In addition to Bermuda, there are several other islands and bays to choose from for Bermuda-class cruise ship cruises. The most well-known of these islands is Somerset, which is on the Eastern side of Bermuda and is an excellent place to visit during the summer months. Somerset has a white sandy beach and is surrounded by wooded mountains and waterfalls. It also has many lovely little shops and restaurants. It’s a great place for families to visit.

St. George

The island of St. George are less than an hour from the town of Bermuda and is a great place for anyone seeking a tranquil vacation. In St. George, visitors can kayak down the river, go horseback riding, go on a zip line tour, or go treasure hunting. There are dozens of islands within easy reach of St. George and a variety of activities to fill any evening. There are also bars and restaurants in the area that serve drinks like wine and beer.

Another popular attraction is the Diamond Botanical Garden. In Diamond Botanical Gardens you will see some of the most amazing gardens and plant collections you’ll ever see. …