Great Things to Do in the Scottish Highlands


Hiking in the Scottish Highlands

If you are thinking about visiting the Scottish Highlands for a holiday then there are many things to do in the area.

The people of the area are very welcoming and have a lot to offer. It is possible to rent self catering accommodation in some of the more popular resorts, but there are also wonderful apartments and houses to stay in if you prefer to cook your own food.

Knoydart Lochalsh Steamboat Park

Known as the Highlands on Wheels, Knoydart Lochalsh Steamboat Park is located on the Argyll and Bute Coast, approximately thirty minutes from Glasgow. With access available through the Fife coastal path, it is easy to reach this steamboat park from many convenient locations. It’s also easily accessible from the city center.

The park is designed around two large waterfalls, each flowing into a smaller pond below it. The steamboats travel along a scenic mountain trail, winding its way down the valley towards its two waterfalls.

It is possible to hire a cab at the park entrance – which makes it very convenient for out of town visitors. Outside of the main park structures, there are several small shops selling local produce, crafts, and gifts.

Inside, there are also a few bars and restaurants, with beautiful views of the surrounding scenery. Of course, the main attraction of Knoydart Lochalsh Steamboat Park is the steam locomotive, operated by a team of experts from Scotland.

Shetland Islands

The Shetland Islands is among the two most beautiful archipelagos of the Northern Isles, situated in the far north Atlantic Ocean. The entire island chain, along with the Orkney Islands, are part of Scotland.

The archipelago, about 300 miles long, 80 miles west of Norway, and nearly 170 miles northwest of mainland Scotland, is the world’s second-longest island chain. The Shetland Islands has a variety of climates and landscape characteristics, including beautiful rolling hills and grand beaches.

The Shetland Islands is made up of three islands – Iona, Shetland, and Easter. Each has its own charm and has its own distinct character.

Iona boasts an extremely picturesque scenery and is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful scenery and picturesque landscapes. The surrounding countryside of Iona is full of rolling hills and steep cliffs, and this makes for some beautiful photographs. The town of Iona is also very photogenic and there are many old historical buildings and churches to be seen.

In terms of numbers, the Shetland Islands is the second-most popular island group in the whole of Scotland after the Isle of Sky. The Shetland Islands are also among the most densely covered by wildlife, making them an even more popular destination for bird watchers and photographers. Some of the most common species of wildlife that can be found on the Shetland Islands are red eagles, ravens, pelicans, moose, and black bears.

The Shetland Islands also holds a variety of scenic views, including the stunning Shetland peaks and the Shetland Flesland. The islands are a great location for a walk or even a ride on any of the world-class ferries.


Hiking is one of the best ways to see the beautiful places in this area. There are several different routes available and the landscape varies considerably.

The Jacobite route can take you through a beautiful place called Loch Doon. It starts by following the path of the River Stour. You will follow the shoreline for quite a while before you reach the final camp site at Rockhead.

For those who prefer a more leisurely hiking trip, there is plenty to occupy one’s time on the Shetland Tourist Agency road trips. These include visits to the Shetland beaches and glen affric places such as Portree and Ben Nevis. 

Exploring the Countryside

The Shetland Tourist Agency also provides visitors with a view of the fascinating Shetland countryside. The Shetland Cathedral and High Cathedral are major attractions, but you should also take a look at Dalarna Castle and St. Mary’s Cathedral.

All these castles have been featured in films and TV series, and they are popular with visitors from all over the world. While in Shetland, why not try the Shetland pony safari, or the Shetland sheep drive. You will certainly be amazed by the stunning scenery and the friendly people that live in these remote areas.

Final Words

The reasons to visit the Scottish Highlands are many. It’s an area of stunning countryside, full of majestic mountains, and awe-inspiring scenery.

There are many places you can visit in the Scottish Highlands, such as the historic Loch Alsh, a World Heritage Site. There are also Argyll and Bute, another great hiking spot and the village of Skye, filled with lovely old buildings.

For nature lovers there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a real environment. The Ringing Tree is a real grotto, and you can walk from tree to root on one of the many walks available. You can also enjoy the natural setting of Portree, and there is Argyll Trottingham nearby.

Your choices of what to do in the Scottish Highlands are endless!…